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Esbozo XX

Esbozo XX

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"The Shape of Thought" is a compositional project that collects drawings in ink, tea and coffee, work on canvas, wood, and other materials. Ink polystegraphs, Judea bitumen and watercolor pen. Work in raw hand-sewn fabric and other materials, adding a total of 58 works.
Intrudes into a subtle, sensual and fuzzyness alien, alien to the abstract and purely minimalistic margins. The collection emerges from the foundations of Art brut, reconciling with its own minimalism and growing lyricism.
A gender issue is raised from the more abstract point of view approached from painting and drawing in its most naturalistic form. Starting from a developed unconscious from mothers to daughters, one addresses the leading thread linking anthropic culture, which decides and places the woman under behaviors and ideas that define her own gender.
A simplistic and minimalist observation is given, the line governs the project, crossing the concept of rigidity and austerity across the board. Conversely, the line is diffuse, discontinuous and volatile.

  • Included

    Includes the frame, in white wood. 

    Also a certificate of authenticity by ELGORRION. 

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    ELGORRION. Marca registrada, no ofrece devoluciones ni reembolsos de las obras o los productos que se muestran en la web 

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